message from ceo, Mushtaq Ahmed

Since the origin of this world health is offended by the disease. Over the millenniums humanity has evolved to more intelligent beings. 3A Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics is among the national leaders in biologicals & diagnostics. We have achieved this by the merit confidence of healthcare professionals in our products...

Caring beyond


Values & Culture

We believe that respecting each other is the key to progress and growth for everyone; our business, employees and customers. Therefore the culture at...

Ethical Compass

We are committed to creating a strong ethical culture at 3A Daignostics & Pharmaceuticals. Putting patients first is the core principle of being...


At 3A Pharmaceuticals we have a culture to keep our selves updated with the latest research and guidelines. We invest our time, effort...

Paracetamol Suppository

Human Immune Globulin (PH4) for Intravenous Injection



Rabies Vaccine