Xemberg Pharmaceuticals

Company Overview

Formed in 1999 by Mr. Ali Batalvi, Xemberg has been working in both segments of Franchising and Marketing of different generic formulations. Over the years Xemberg has evolved to cater the needs of local population. In 2011 Xemberg was taken over by 3A Diagnostics & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and is now a sister company to 3A Diagnostics & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Our well-developed marketing team strives to provide quality healthcare to Pakistani population and works towards providing important therapies to both main stations and remote areas.


Currently we deal in the following products:

  • CEWEL (Cefixime 400mg)
  • AZIROL (Azithronycin 250mg)
  • FOZIL (Lorataduine 10mg)
  • ROSDOL (Secnidazole 500mg & 1g)
  • FONZOLE (Feuticonazole 1000ml)
  • ALFECTUM 1g/2g (Injectable) (Cephlosponin & Sulbactum)