Visgeneer Inc.

We make a different vision of the world!

Company Overview

Wei Shi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (VISGENEER INC.) In line with the Ministry of Economy issued an important strategic emerging industries (work of Zi 09500828690), dedicated to the research, innovation, development and manufacture of modern civilization and human disease (cancer, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout) and skin aging, and other related high-quality biomedical products.

Against cancer

We have established the biological information database to identify genes involved in cancer diagnostic marker, and design to develop high sensitivity, specificity, and convenience of home testing system and cancer antibody drugs development.

For arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, gout and other diseases of civilization: We develop versatile, Rapid Micro's home biosensor detection system (ISO13485: 2003).

For skin aging

We use the automatic extraction, functional components of plants, into the high-tech biotechnology. By ITRI technical guidance, the introduction of ultra-high purity clean water, so as not to undermine the nature of the raw materials, the development of a quality suitable for human skin care products of biotechnology to meet the different ages, gender required (ISO9001: 2000).


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