Shanghai Xinxing Medicine Co. Ltd.

Emerging Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Shanghai

Company Overview

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Department of the emerging countries of blood products manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in the production & sale of blood products, is a collection of scientific research, production & sales of high-tech export-oriented biopharmaceutical companies.

Founded in August 2000, emerging from China (Group) Corporation (part of the central rate of China General Technology Group) co-sponsored by other units, restructuring of the PLA General Logistics Department of the Ministry of Health in the original basis of Shanghai Institute of Hematology new products, the registered capital 164 million yuan, the proportion of China's emerging (Group) Corporation, a 51% stake, is the absolute control.

The company has been recognized as the national Ministry of Science & key high-tech enterprises, the Ministry of Personnel approved the establishment of post-doctoral research station, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai Science & Technology industry, "three on" Enterprise, Shanghai outstanding industrial enterprises, Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, Shanghai outstanding innovative bio-pharmaceutical industry enterprises.

In 1999, the company invested 170 million yuan, according to the well-known international companies biopharmaceutical manufacturing GMP standard design, build an area of 35 acres, the domestic first-class, advanced blood products production base in Asia, & in the same year won the State Food & Drug Administration GMP certification, becoming the first to obtain the certification of blood products business.

The company has new products, research & development of new technologies as the first impetus to the development of enterprises, at present, the company has independently developed ten series, 30 product specifications, product types & quantities of blood products among the best in the whole industry . The main products include: human serum albumin, human immunoglobulin (including intravenous, intramuscular, specific immunoglobulin total of six series), human prothrombin complex, human fibrinogen, human fibrin sealant & so on.

The company specifically set up their own research institutions, with a high-quality personnel. 2003 approved by the Ministry of Personnel, the company set up more research & development of post-doctoral workstation provides a powerful security personnel. Strong technological strength has brought fruitful results of research work for the enterprise. Currently, there are six research projects with the title of Shanghai High-tech achievements into the project, nearly 20 patents State Intellectual Property Office authorized or accepted, a number of trademarks & Trademark Office to obtain the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office.

There are a number of national & municipal funds obtained in the research product support or reward companies, such as antitrypsin, was named "Shanghai Science & Technology Commission research project"; Octafluoropropane human serum albumin microspheres injection project Shanghai Talent Development obtain funding. Currently, the company's products also include in the study of human coagulation factor VIII, human coagulation factor IX, anti-human prothrombin III, AT-III & so on.


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